Portable Counters & Tables

Portable Counters & Tables

Portable Counters and Trade Show Tables

The portable counters have become popular at trade shows, product launches and in different kinds of exhibitions as they are durable, portable, and easy to set up and effectively help in showcasing products. For your next event if you are considering using the pop up display tables, the best place to find it is at All Star Display Sydney.

The portable trade show display stands are worth investing in as they are attention-arresting, economical and can be assembled in a couple of steps. After use, the portable display tables can be stored in the trolley cases which you can transport in trucks, cars or office cupboards. Easy transportation makes them one of the most sought-after marketing tools that enable in creating brand or product awareness across a plethora of scenarios.

Enhance your Exhibit with Portable Counters to attract more customers!

Portable Counters

The pop up display counters are widely used in the trade shows, exhibitions for the purpose of exhibiting products. They are even used as ‘reception desks’ for the purpose of consulting. They are used as promotional tables, demo counters and for outdoor and indoor marketing.

If you have a start-up business, the best way you can set sail off your marketing is by visiting Trade Shows. Trade Shows come at various places and they attract lots of customers nearby and far. Well, you will need our portable displays and Trade Show counter tables for that. We have the best advertising panels for your brand so that you can get the right things for your brand.

Portable display counter – Set up quickly at trade shows‎

Our reputation in Sydney, Australia is very deep-rooted among the customers for our portable counter tables. Besides being handy, our products are also famous for being so inexpensive and much more affordable than other brands.

When you are about to hit a Trade Show, there are lots of things to do. Right from setting up the booth to getting the lights done, the list knows no bound. But, then comes our display panels and tables, which are super convenient and portable. You can transport them from one place to another through small carrier trucks or your car’s boot. This convenient factor makes us one of the top brands in Sydney in this business.



Lightweight and professional custom designed counters

Portable Trade Show Tables

Our products like the ‘Waveline Counter,’ the ‘Info Counter’, and the ‘Transit Case Counter’ are the most popular ones. In any Trade Show, you can use them to keep at the centre of the booth with the brand advertisement on it. Being lightweight, moving the product from one place to another makes no problem.

You can also use our display tables for exhibitions or as reception desks if you wish. Our products are versatile and thus make no problem in fitting into different purposes. We at All Star Display Sydney bring the best products for our customers’ at the most affordable prices for their convenience.


All Star Display – leading trade show counter supplier

You can create product awareness at any trade show, event or conference with the help of pop-up display stands. We supply high-quality graphic displays all across Australia to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane etc. To get more information on our products to call us up at 1300 789 230 or email us at sales@allstardisplays.com.au. Once you contact us, you would be happy with your decision.