Media Walls

Media Walls

The media wall displays have gained a lot of popularity as they are cost-effective, light in weight and create a great impact among customers. All Star Display Sydney, Australia has made its presence felt in the market with its high-quality and affordable products. Thus, the best place to buy pop up media wall backdrops, banners and stands is this company.


Why Choose the Media Wall Backdrops?

The media wall displays and backdrops find the wide application at conferences and presses. With the help of a huge media wall photo backdrop or banner, you can reach out to a huge audience. Moreover, the media wall stands to prove to be effective in highlighting sponsors. The advantage of using the media walls are these are unobtrusive but at the same time help in delivering powerful messages to the target audience.

How Can You Use the Media Walls Effectively in Brand Promotion?

You could connect celebrities to an event you are hosting with the ‘photography backdrop’. People attending the event would want to take pictures with the celebrities in from of your media wall which would have the logo of your brand, information about your sponsor. Thus, this could be a brilliant way of creating brand awareness.

Media Walls, Backdrops and Banner Sydney

Effortlessly create brand recognition with the help of media wall banners, displays, and backdrops. All Star Display is the ultimate destination for all your graphic displays. We deliver our products to cities like Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne etc. To acquire more knowledge about our products contact us by calling 1300 789 230. You could even write to We would be more than happy to help you at the earliest.