Doubletake Brochure Holders

DoubleTake Brochure Holder

Doubletake Brochure HoldersThe pamphlet contains information about a company and the services it offers. If you cannot hand-deliver these leaflets, then we have a better alternative. All Star Display is in Australia and provides display promotional services.

Our doubletake brochure holder stands can aid the distribution of the pamphlets. We can design and print the company brochure at the request of our clients.

DoubleTake Brochure Holders for Exhibits, Showrooms & Events

Our doubletake brochure holder stands serve another purpose. We place the brochure holders at the top. We put a banner at the lower portion. It acts as a display tool for the company. You need not brainstorm over the look of the brochure holders.

We have access to proficient graphic artists. These specialists can develop a banner design for the promotion of the company. The banner can attract clients. They can collect the brochure from the top compartments. Such stands are typical in the shopping malls in Sydney, Australia.